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Let's Talk Social Media

Your online presence and reputation is vital to the success of your business. Millennials are not only entering the workplace, they’re becoming the decision makers. It’s important to reach them using technology they know and consider a part of every day life.

Open Book

Are You Telling The Right Story?

Social media profiles are the 24 hour face of your business. When visitors come to  your page, they want to know about your culture and values. Every image and interaction tells a story. We’ll make sure you’re telling the right one.

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We'll Handle The Little Red Dots

Managing social media is time consuming – your phone constantly buzzing with notifications that demand your attention.

We’ll keep the notifications in line so you can get back to business.

First Rule of Strategy: Understand The Game

Social media networks are like chess pieces. All part of the same game, but each has a unique purpose and set of behaviors.

King, queen, bishop, knight, and pawn – individually these pieces will fail. All of them working together using a clear and intentional strategy wins the game.

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Good Content Is King. Period.

Original content tells your audience that your company is alive and kicking! Sharing ideas unique to your brand through blog articles, photos and videos keeps you in front of potential consumers and clients.

More than that, it establishes you as a thought leader in your industry and helps build trust between you and potential customers and clients.

Reaching Your Audience

Having great content is only half of the equation. If a new 5 star restaurant opened and only advertised on Dollar Store bulletin boards, no one’s going to show up. Knowing who your audience is and where to reach them is key.

Detailed Research

Before a single post goes out, we’ll conduct exhaustive research about your audience. We’ll know their interests, followed hashtags and much more!

Then we’ll use that information to make sure your posts are seen by the right people.

Reputation Management

Online reputations can change with the click of button. The moment your business is mentioned on social media, we’ll know and respond immediately.

You’ve worked to build your reputation in the business world. We’ll make sure it’s just as strong on social media.

Performance Reporting

We have detailed data for everything that happens on social media. Powerful reporting software (plus a few tricks of our own) show us exactly how you’re performing online.

Post engagements and audience demographic are just two ways we’ll track your success.

About Mad Couch Media

Founded in 2018 by Kendra Gill, Mad Couch Media provides quality social media management services to businesses of all shapes and size. Using proven strategies, Mad Couch Media will cultivate meaningful relationships between you and your audience to build stronger brand recognition and customer loyalty.

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